Eligibility for Prescription Safety Glasses.

Engineering & Other Select Departments: Approved Prescription Safety Eyewear Frame Offering. Effective January 1, 2017

Prior to visiting your local Eyecare Provider – make sure you bring your:

• Prescription (must be less than 2 years old) – If you need an eye examination, check online to determine if the Eyecare Provider you choose accepts UPRR EyeMed insurance.

ORR Advantage Plus Prescription Safety Eyewear Order Form with unique order number – DO NOT COPY OR DUPLICATE FORM

Lens Materials Coatings and Tints

You have the following options to choose from, select either Option A or Option B

Option A – 1 pair of Clear AND 1 pair of Tinted Eyewear

Option B – 1 pair of Transitions Eyewear (the lens remain clear indoors and at night, changing to tint to cut glare when outdoors during the day)

The following will be included with each pair of Prescription Safety Eyewear Selected:

Scotchgard™ Anti-Fog Coating

• Permanently Integrated Sideshields

Polycarbonate Lens Material

Please visit www.orrsafety.com/customer/login/uprrsafetyprograms to view union pacific details, to identify your local Eyecare Provider locations and generate order form.