Good day Div. 683,
We need to make a counteroffer to the 6-2 rest cycle agreement that we, as a Division, voted down. The consensus among the membership is to accept the original 11-4 agreement offered previously. We, as a Division, will vote again to either to implement 11-4 or not. The voting will be done in the same manner as the previous vote, by email. This is the manner in which you will submit your vote to keep a proper record.
To the following email
To the following phone # (708)323-0691
Voting will close June 30th Midnight.
1. Name
2. Employee ID #
3. Yes to the 11-4
4. No to the 11-4
Please feel free to contact any of the LCA regarding any questions you may have about the 11-4 rest cycle agreement.
Thank you,
BLET Div. 683