More than half of the 14,500+ invited participants responded to the recent TE&Y pulse survey, providing invaluable feedback through 13,775 comments.

The survey, open July 13-27, provided an opportunity for Transportation’s Train, Engine & Yard (TE&Y) team members to weigh in on what’s most important when balancing the realities of life with the responsibilities of work.

“The survey’s response rate was fantastic, and I’d like to personally thank every team member who took time to participate,” said David Giandinoto, senior vice president-Operations, Transportation, Southern Region. “We received honest, valuable feedback. Now, we’re taking time to review each individual comment to determine key themes and action items we can address, both in the near and long term.”

TE&Y were asked to rank the importance of the conditions associated with the current attendance policy, along with overall quality of life, and were provided an open comment form for recommendations to improve work-life balance.

Key themes from the survey responses centered around flexibility to take paid days off and earning credit for working holidays or weekends.

“We want to get this right and are committed to making necessary enhancements to improve the quality of life for our TE&Y professionals,” Giandinoto said.

Stay tuned to hear very soon how survey feedback will be put into action. A cross-functional team has been assembled to assess the pulse survey results, develop a roadmap for improvements, and collaborate on long-term implementation.

  • Jacquelyn Clark, senior counsel, Law
  • Rod Doerr, vice president, CMS & Interline Operations
  • Tonya Eggspuehler, assistant vice president-Talent Management, Workforce Resources
  • David Giandinoto, senior vice president-Operations, Southern Region, Transportation
  • Lindsey Murante, senior manager-Communications, Corporate Relations
  • Maqui Parkerson, vice president-Labor Relations & Sustainability, Workforce Resources
  • Huy Pham, general director, Operating Services
  • Daniel Torres, senior vice president-Operations, Northern Region, Transportation