When life happens, Team UP has multiple avenues to access approved paid and unpaid time off, including recently negotiated paid sick and medical days.

Unapproved absences negatively impact operations, commitments to shippers and your co-worker’s ability to plan for off time activities.

Effective Sept. 8, 2023, TE&Y Attendance Policy modifications will include:

  • Extra Board assignments, Pool Board assignments and Regular Assigned jobs are now combined under one category for purposes of point accumulation:
    • LS, LK or LP weekday layoffs will accumulate 7 points.
    • LS, LK or LP weekend layoffs will accumulate 9 points.
    • LS, LK or LP holiday/peak layoffs will accumulate 12 points.
    • MC, LN, LW and RF layoffs will accumulate 12 points.
  • Weekend definition will be broadened to include all unexcused layoff statuses during any portion of Friday, Saturday or Sunday.
  • Points will NOT be adjusted retroactively.

Employees should thoroughly read the revised Sept. 8, 2023, TE&Y Attendance Policy , and FAQs on the Employees site.