This was the response from the FRA about tying down a train when dead and while pulling a train in and you die half way in.

Good morning Mr. Damian.  Thanks for reaching out to FRA with your question, which refers to “yarding a train while over on the hours of service”.

Train & Engine crews are limited to performing 12 hours of covered service in a 24-hour period.  Securing or yarding a freight or passenger train is considered “service” and if completed after having gone dead on the law, would be considered a violation.  All service connected with the movement of a train should be done within the 12 hour statutory time on duty.  The FRA however does not recommend that crews leave trains unsecured simply because they are dead on hours.  Prudent and professional railroaders would secure their train and report the excess service as required. 

Patterns of excess service reported to this office may result in an investigation and possible civil penalties.

Only the provisions of “Quick Tie-up” are permitted within the regulation after 12 hours, and that definition can be found in 49CFR228.  If you do not have the FRA HOS “App” on your phone, it is available for a multitude of questions, and I would also suggest placing the 200-rules of Title 49 at the ready though “”.

Here is a link to the eCFR Rules Title 49 Transportation Rules 200-299.