Division 683 has been requested to provide a vote as a Division on the days off, work rest tentative agreement. We will vote by sending a text to VLC Cesar Damian’s assigned Union phone (708) 323-0691. Leave your employee #, first initial and last name followed by a vote of YES, for the agreement or NO, against the agreement.
    We as a Division will not exercise the 11/4 days off but rather implement our own mutual agreement with the Carrier. What the membership decides is what will placed in affect to the best of our negotiating efforts. Article I, section E, part 4 of the tentative agreement gives us the right to do if ratified. There are 110 other U.P. Divisions voting so a majority vote will determine the outcome.
    We will put forth ideas such as a 9/3, 7/3, 6/2 or 5/1 to avoid federal rest. A supplemental board has been suggested to provide additional work, ALL ideas and suggestions will be taken from this  Division to implement what is best for the members. Please vote in your best interest all calls will be taken to answer any questions and yes, extra board guarantee remains at the current rate.

Please send your vote ASAP

BLET Div. 683