Employees are responsible for completing assigned computer-based training. Employees must periodically check their online training plan and
complete all courses and exams prior to the due date.

Employees who fail to complete training by the required deadline may be held out of service and/or subject to disciplinary action. Employees
withheld from service for required training will be placed in Undisturbed Rest (UDR) once training is complete and in OK status after receiving the
required rest. Employees are expected to be available at the conclusion of the UDR.

Movement to certain boards may require additional training (territory specific training). Territory specific courses have been loaded to the LMS
learning plan for all employees who could potentially work the territory. It is the employee’s responsibility to complete territory specific training
prior to moving to boards that require the training.

Training modules are to be taken while on duty with minimal delay to your assignment and in conjunction with regularly assigned duties. Training
may be taken any time during the course of an employee’s regular shift / assignment / duties, but should not interfere with regularly assigned duties.
Note: In no case will an employee be authorized to exceed 12 hours in combination of regular duties and training. If an employee is having
difficulty finding the time to take the training, the employee should consult with their local management for further instructions.

To access computer-based training / online training, go to the UP Employee’s homepage and click on “Training & Testing” on the top left side of the
page. It can also be found from MyUP/Employee/Training/Training (SuccessFactors). You may verify completed training by clicking on the
“Completed Work” link.

Any questions or issues should be addressed with your assigned Manager.