By now, CHSU TE&Y employees should have received and acknowledged receipt of the individually assigned Zebra devices mailed to home addresses. If you have not received a device, or you have additional questions or concerns, please contact Steven Duda at 708-649-2537 or, as soon as possible.


Now that devices are in hand, you should be using available applications on the device. This includes reporting Tie Up activities and completing Tie Up at an appropriate geo-fenced location. Maps of geo-fenced locations for CHSU are available here. You should also be using other applications available for your position.

Exception Request Procedure: In two weeks, starting 12/21/22, desktop Tie Up submission will be restricted. Employees attempting to tie up using a computer terminal will need to create an exception request. Each time an exception request is submitted, managers will be notified. Expect to see a MyUP message with additional information next week.

Thank you,

Operating Department