Brothers and Sisters,

We have all waited and endured these past several months with great expectations of a resolution to our yard meal period issue with the carrier. Your local committee of adjustment has steadfastly processed thousands of claims regarding it -forcing the carrier to the table with us once again. It is true that an overall agreement regarding rates and some details were roughed out at this meeting but the specifics CANNOT yet be discussed. The main reasons for this is twofold; First, the carrier representative must take this draft back to her boss for his final approval and is still open to being altered, adjusted and re-purposed or denied entirely. Second, Our General Committee also has to submit this draft to the National Division for its review to make sure it is compliance with all standing national agreements. It is NOT in print or even finalized enough to make a coherent document for our review and understanding.

 You’re Local Committee and more specifically Sam- would like nothing more than to openly discuss this with all of our Brothers and Sisters right now- it is frustrating, but we just CAN’T!  It would not be fair or accurate to fully consider or devote a large portion of time to it with so many variables and possibilities of being altered or even denied still outstanding.

With all of this said, I am sorry to inform all of you, we will not be able to discuss- with any detail, the meal period agreement negotiations.

Please- bear with the process a little longer. We promise the second it is in a state of an honest to goodness agreement proposal we will ALL be invited to discuss, review and weigh in on it.


Chris Falaney