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New MFA Security Key (Chicago/Texoma/Commuter Ops)

UP is expanding Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) security key distribution to all Operating employees. This security key, which will soon replace passwords, is required for all personnel and will be needed to maintain access to UP systems. (Passwords are currently still available. Union Pacific will notify employees as the date for elimination of passwords approaches.)

If you are a TEY or Engineering employee, within the next two weeks you will receive, in the mail at your home address, your security key and activation instructions. If you are a Mechanical employee, your key will be distributed in person. Once received, the security key must be activated from a UP computer the next time you are on duty. For step-by-step instructions, refer to this Quick Reference Guide. For more information about your new security key, please review the online FAQ page.

Once your security key is activated, please log on to Microsoft Outlook and Teams – review this Quick Reference Guide if you need help getting started.

Please also review the Operating Department Guidelines to learn how to use these new collaboration tools. More information is available on the Office 365 page at go/O365/.

Thank you,
UPRR O365 Team