FYI FYI: Q: How should T E & Y layoff to receive the COVID-19 vaccine/booster?




1) Employees are encouraged to get the COVID-19 vaccination on their own time.


2) Under extenuating circumstances, if an employee is not able to get the COVID-19 vaccination on their own time due to their work schedule, or they do not wish to use a LV/PL day(s), an employee may call CMS to request a PH (Layoff Physical) layoff for purposes of receiving the COVID-19 vaccination. PH will be for a preset period of 24 hours, but should an employee want to return to service before the fully elapsed period, the employee may mark-up sooner. CMS will accommodate PH requests based on current business needs, supply, and demand.


2.1) The date of the PH layoff must match the date of the vaccination that is uploaded in SAP.


2.2) If CMS is unable to accommodate PH due to business needs and T E & Y employee lays off in another status, that accumulates attendance points, those points will not be reduced or removed.


2.3) PH status will only be available for 24 hours (no extending). If employee experiences a severe allergic or adverse reaction to the vaccination, please see #3 below for guidance.


3) If an employee experiences a severe allergic or adverse reaction after obtaining a COVID-19 vaccine, employees should:


3.1) Seek immediate emergency medical services


3.2) Notify their vaccination provider


3.3) Notify their healthcare provider


3.4) Notify Health & Medical Services. An employee will need to provide HMS the necessary medical information to support any adverse reactions to the COVID-19 vaccination. HMS phone number is: (402)544-7011.


NOTE: If TE&Y employee accumulates attendance points due to a severe allergic or adverse reaction, points will not be adjusted unless Health & Medical Services is notified, along with attestation / upload being complete in SAP and layoff is covered by HP status.


4) Please remember to upload proof of vaccination and record vaccination status in SAP ‘My Profile’. All records input into the system should accurately reflect the dates an employee received the vaccination. If PH is utilized, these dates should also match the dates on any submitted documentation. Inappropriate use of PH layoff and/or the submission of false information may result in discipline, up to and including termination.