The following weeks are open for Bidding.

02/20/17 to 02/26/17    1 week.

03/20/17 to 03/26/17    1 week.

04/10/17 to 04/16/17    1 week.

05/29/17 to 06/04/17    1 week. 

Bid Will Close February 25, 2017

Previous Bid Winners [04/03/17 Brian Niedert]  [05/08/17 Lester Lloyd]  [06/12/17 Charles Banks]

This Bid is for the NZ021-70EN Vacation List and you must be on that Vacation List to Change your Week to the Open Week. Submit your Bid on the Employee Vacation Change Request screen and call the Local Chairman and the 2nd Vice Local Chairman. If you are unsure of the procedure to enter your Bid in the computer, you may call the Local Chairmen to submit it for you.