Most of you have concerns with the application of the attendance policy.  I advise that if an employee must take some time off they must contact their manager.  When this is done you must follow up with written documentation memorializing the conversation.  For example if I were to call my manager and let him know that my kids are sick and I must be there to take care.  If he says you do what you have to do.  Then follow up with an email or letter saying;

This letter is to memorialize our conversation on such and such date when I called to get time off to care for my sick kids/family.  At that time you informed me to do what is necessary to care for my kids.

Also I understand that it is not reasonable to get documentation when you are ill.  Call the HMS Nurse hotline and inform them if you cannot come to work because you are ill.

Note: With the recent announcement by the CDC, where employers have been notified not to anticipate “doctors notes” for employees due to the strain of administrative burdens on the health care system, your members should call the HMS Nurse Hotline (Fitness for Duty line) to complete the intake survey at 402-544-7011 or speak with their local OHN for related questions.

Please take care of yourselves and your families first.  If we have to battle later then so be it.

Dick Crow

General Chairman