FYI FYI: Payroll Dates

Hello Brothers following are the pay dates for November and December 2018. November 1st Half pay is on 11/23/2018 November 2nd Half pay is on 12/10/2018 December 1st Half pay is on 12/24/2018  

FYI FYI: 2019 Health Benefits Open Enrollment

Time of that year again time to update your Medical, Dental and Vision insurance and FSA Account. ( note FSA max went up from $2,500 too $2,650 in 2019 ) this is the website to update info if you don’t want to mail info in. Close date to...

FRA Response to hours of service

This was the response from the FRA about tying down a train when dead and while pulling a train in and you die half way in. Good morning Mr. Damian.  Thanks for reaching out to FRA with your question, which refers to “yarding a train while over on the hours of...


Bidding starts 10/02/2018 for the 2019 vacation year they will remain open until November 30, If anyone has a question or needs help you can call. Cesar Damian, Mike Echols or Sam Lampkin